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How Enrollment Works

Children from 1 year old to Pre-K are encouraged to be enrolled in August but are accepted at any time as those programs run year-round with no break during the summer.

While our Voluntary Pre-K classes start in conjunction with the regularly scheduled school year, we will enroll children that transfer from other programs at any time subject to space availability.

Children enrolling in our after school program are accepted at any time during the school year subject to space availability.

How Orientation Works

Our orientation consists of a tour of our center, introduction to the child’s teacher, enrollment package, including issuance of a parent handbook which explains in detail all of the school’s rules, regulations, and procedures.

At the start of the school year all parents are invited to our orientation program where they get to meet other parents and all the school staff. Parents participate in an open forum of questions and answers and are given full access to all the school’s facilities.

You & Your Child Will Love Our School. We Guarantee it!

We are passionate in our commitment in providing a safe, rich, stimulating, learning opportunity that will encourage your children to develop a life long love for learning.

A Special Message From Mr. Bill - Founder of Kidworks USA

21 years ago I opened Kidworks USA as a way to ensure that my new grand daughters, Emily and Siera, were given the best early childhood education, and the vision to succeed in life!!! Since then I’ve seen the results, not only in their educational success but in the thousands of children whose lives have been enriched and positively impacted by our school’s commitment to building America’s future leaders.

Our approach to educational excellence is rooted in critical thinking approaches to learning. Although reading, writing, and arithmetic are the basis for all educational excellence, it’s critical thinking skills that propel us to seek and find the answers and solutions to life’s questions, it is the fuel that drives us to reach success. When we give our children critical thinking skills they will find the solutions to life’s ever-changing challenges. This builds leaders.

Our educational family works as a team under the basic theory that children who are educated with love, do better in school and in life.

Our students are taught that if it's to be, it's up to me, and to refuse defeat!!

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