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Our school is recommended by some of South Florida’s most prominent leaders. Watch and read their experiences with Kidworks USA below:

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“I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Kidworks USA on many occasions. I’ve always been impressed by their unwavering commitment to the highest of standards, a quality education and providing children with a clean, safe and motivating environment. But what most impresses me is the love and affection with which the children are treated; reflected undoubtedly by the smiles on each and every one of the children. Kidworks USA is truly a magical learning experience.”

Alex Penelas​

(Former Mayor of Miami-Dade County)
“Mr Bill cares about each child, each parent who walks through the school and that is the sense that you get among the teachers as well. That they care for each child that comes in and that culture is really important when you think of the fact that relationships and those back and forth interactions is the most important thing that happens in a preschool.”

Madeline Thakur

(President & CEO of Children's Movement of Florida)
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“Anyone who has ever heard Mr. Bill talk about Kidworks USA has heard a passion for helping children dream and reach their full potential. Kidworks USA is accredited and offers a wide array of innovative programming. From the STEM lab, to the fully stocked computer and homework lab, to teaching children how to fly drones, to the wonder of the life cycle of butterflies
that little ones get to experience, to helping children develop a love of space and the space station and innovation and risk, and so much more. And in the so much more category we have to include the over-the-top pirate ship playground built with lots of creativity and treasure. The children love it – and so do the adults. Inspiring a love of learning and exploring and dreaming is our commitment to children and parents/caregivers. Kidworks USA lives up to that commitment. On behalf of the Early Learning Coalition of Miami-Dade/Monroe, we thank you for the partnership and salute the teachers and staff of Kidworks USA.”

Evelio Torres

(President/Chief Executive Officer of The Early Learning Coalition)

“”I think the most important thing about Kidworks is the quality of everything that Mr. Bill has put into it. His love and passion for children you can see just by walking around, its prestine its sanitary, its safe, his staff is nurturing they’ve been there for a long time. The environment is one that supports learning, that’s fun and creative for kids.””

Modesto Abety

(Former President Of The Children's Trust)
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“When I think of the best leaders for the best futures for children, Bill De La Sierra always comes to mind. For more than two decades now, I’ve admired him and Kidworks. He is devoted to real quality and outcomes, and giving every child a real chance to fulfill his/her potential. Our community is blessed to have him.”

David Lawrence Jr.

(Retired Miami Herald publisher and chair of The Children’s Movement of Florida)

“Kidworks USA helps children to learn and grow every day. Bill De La Sierra demands a standard of excellence that permeates each classroom, science lab, playground, teacher, and member of the support staff. On any given day, you might see students joyously encircle “Pirate Bill” as he checks in on an astronomy or oceanography lesson. Warmth and caring, joined with innovative programming, are what The Children’s Trust hopes for in partnering agency. Kidworks USA demonstrates that the best is within reach for children and their families when heart, mind and dedicated resources combine to serve them.”

Charles M. Auslander

(Former President & CEO of The Children's Trust)
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“”What I admire most about Mr. Bill is that nothing is too big. He sets his mind on something and in the moment it might seem crazy, but then 6 months or a year later it’s reality. Whether its the hydroponics lab or the focus on space, etc… He is not in this for the business. He is in it because he loves children and believes in what he is doing, he has put in his time, talent and treasure into Kidwworks””

Vance Aloupis

(Early Childhood Advocate)

“Kidworks USA has had a profound impact on children and families in South Florida for many years, and The Children’s Trust has been longtime funder of the organization. Kidworks USA’s after-school and summer programs represent the type of learning that best shapes a child’s development. Participants are provided with academic, social, and physical building blocks that ensure their engagement and learning. It is with great pride that the Children’s Trust partners with Kidworks USA in continuing to improve the lives of children.”

James R. Haj

(Current President & CEO of The Children's Trust)
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