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Our Elementary School Provides A Comprehensive Learning Experience And Curriculum For Kindergarten - 5th Grade Students

An Optimal Learning Environment

When it comes to education, Kidworks USA spares no expense to provide the most optimal learning environment for your child. During these uncertain times with questionable public school education, you can put your full trust in us to give your child the absolute best possible education. 

Our curriculum is designed to teach your child to be a life-long learner utilizing a hands-on approach using the latest technology. We offer project-based learning including Hydroponics, Robotics, and Coding! Our students are able to develop their critical thinking skills and teachers are able to obtain comprehensive reporting on individual achievement.

What Makes Our Elementary School Different?

Award Winning Teachers

Teachers participate as partners in our children’s activities, fostering and encouraging their exploration of the world around them. We emphasize giving children positive experiences and interaction strategies, a problem- solving approach to social conflict. All in a beautiful, loving, and stimulating environment.

STEM & Hydroponic Labs

Our Stem Program includes hands-on projects at school, home family projects, knowledge of earth and space science, physical science, life science, technology and engineering. Students receive 30 minutes of STEM instruction twice a week. We also have an identical Hydroponic Lab that is currently in use in the International Space Station! Our students learn how to grow plants

Healthy Meals

Mealtime for our children is another learning experience; they explore trying new and delicious foods prepared in our state of the art kitchen. Meals are served family-style. The children participate in serving the meals, setting the table and learn the skills needed to share meals with others in a social environment.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is an important part of our program. Children run, play, slide, and climb, in our safe, well-equipped play-park. There they stretch large muscles and develop the skills necessary for maintaining a healthy body. Physical fitness has been scientifically proven to assist brain development in children.

We Provide An Incredible Learning Environment For Your CHILD

We perform periodic assessments throughout the year to measure and direct student academic progress.

At Kidworks USA, the well being, nurturing, education, and joy of your child means everything to us. Every single day we try our absolute best to provide an environment of fun, learning and genuine interest in each and every child who enters our facility. Everything we do, every single day is carefully designed to provide the absolute best for your child in South Florida.
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