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“My 18 month old son has been going to Kidworks USA for almost 6 months now and we absolutely love it. They are very flexible and have great hours. I can see the growth and learning every day! All of the teachers in the baby and toddler rooms love having him and he loves seeing them. And best of all, the children seem very happy there. It’s very nice to know that he is in a caring environment while he isn’t home. I’d like to thank the entire staff. I would recommend this place to other parents”

– Yasser Oviedo Carro

My daughter has been going to Kidworks since she was 15 months old!! She goes to the classroom from 1 to 2 years old. From the first visit we knew it was the right place! She was delighted!! Her teacher has a lot of experience and she always received her from the beginning with great affection!!! She is very attentive to everything that has to do with my girl !!! I am very grateful for how she takes care of her!!! The daycare in general is a very clean space, it has a lot of security! The girls of the front desk are very attentive!

– Danay Perez Caballero

Posting a review because I believe every parent should know how amazing this school truly is. My daughter has been attending kidworks since she turned one I contemplate how I got so lucky with her TEACHERS. I truly feel like my daughter is cared for beyond expectations and I can’t even go into words about her two teachers my daughter is still in the class room of 1-2 year olds and every day she comes home saying new words new phrases . Sometimes I go pick her up and she doesn’t want to leave and that only assures me she is being well taken care of. The staff all around is spectacular they always have the best attitude the best attention towards me and my daughter. If you want to have your little ones in a safe space this is the place to bring them. I CANT STOP SAYING AMAZING THINGS ABOUT THEM SPECIALLY ABOUT MY DAUGHTERS TEACHER IN THE 1-2 years old CLASSROOM. TRULLY THE BEST.

– wendy diaz

My son has been going here since 1st grade and now in 3rd grade. When pandemic hit I needed a solution for schooling because I couldn’t do online home schooling with him and work my full time job which is not at home. Even though it’s private school, I was able to easily qualify for Tuition assistance which carries over every year for me as well. Added benefit! Every year after 1st grade I asked my son did he want to go back to Public school or stay here and he opted for Kidworks. I don’t blame him the school is super clean, personnel are very nice and helpful, even the maintenance guy is nice and my son likes him. Classroom sizes are small too. We love our teacher Ms Amy! We all know Miami Dade public school education is not the best, but here at Kidworks all the students have achieved higher level of learning compared to public schools. It’s a very safe environment too for the kids. Nobody getting in the school who shouldn’t be there.

– Lizz Suarez

My daughter has been at Kidworks USA since she was 3. Now she is in 1st grade & part of the Kidworks USA STEM Academy elementary school. When I first toured the school, I was amazed with every aspect of it. When I saw how well-educated the children were, I wanted them to be her friends. When I saw how kind the teachers were, I wanted them to be part of her life. The only problem was that my daughter was “a little firecracker”. I worried she would be too much for them to handle. I was wrong. The amount of patience, dedication, & love every single one of the teachers & staff members demonstrated was beyond overwhelming. To this day, every time she enters those doors, I can see how loved & welcomed she feels…as a parent, I don’t think there’s a better feeling than that.

– Melissa Sanchez

We’ve experienced a few changes in the almost 2 years my daughters been there. I think for the price, security entrance, food, stand alone building, hours, etc it’s been great and reasons why I chose this place. The staff and teachers are very caring, although most dont speak English well, but my daughter was taught in both languages which I appreciate since we dont speak spanish much at home. I did end up putting her in a different summer camp to save some extra $. Now that shes going to kindergarten I think shes been well prepared. I also like their stem program, they learn a lot while having fun. I am not a fan of the open 2 stall bathroom in the classrooms, since it’s easy for the boys to accidentally see the girls (vice versa). I do wish most of the teachers had more of an upbeat energy but none-the-less they’re caring and I felt my daughter was treated w love and safe. I also like the open communication we have with calling and emailing the school. It’s pretty cool that they’ve been able to expand to rest of the building and accommodate to 5th grade. I dont regret choosing kidworks to care and teach my princess!

– Stephanie Rosario

Sometimes when I google my son’s school and read some bad reviews, I wonder if they are talking about the same school we took our son daily for 3 years. For us it has been a wonderful experience in general, Kid Works is a great family and they make sure with their attention and communication with us as parents that you feel part of it. Our son is really happy there.

– Argelio Santana

I love this school for my kids , the teachers and the entire staff overall are amazing they’re caring with the kids , they’re always doing a ton of amazing activities for them and keeping them entertained, I honestly don’t think there is a better school around the area for my kids , their food is amazing everyday , cooked on site and kids have a blast at their beautiful outdoor park , I honestly feel so much peace of mind everyday going to work and feeling that my kids are safe and well taken care of at their school

– Edgar Bustillo

Kidworks USA has been my daughter’s second home since day 1. The professionalism of the staff is amazing, they all care about our children. The safety our kids have at this school is also a plus, we have peace of mind while being so busy at work. We can work knowing that Kidworks USA staff are doing a great job teaching them, taking care of them, feeding them, and providing all the comfort and support they need as if our little ones were at home. I recommend KIDWORKS USA to all parents out there.

– Mayli Laura Machado

Both my kids are enrolled in this school! I have no complaints, love the fact that I feel my kids are safe when I drop them off and I’m amazed at how much they’ve learned in such little time. The teachers are very caring and patient. I love this school!! Ladies in the front desk are awesome and very informative. Overall great school A++++++

– Angie Acosta

My son is on VPK his teachers are very caring. School is very clean and the staff treats each other like family, which for me is very telling and important when caring for children. Mr Bill is a blast! Very dedicated and super fun. The STEM program is good we’ll put together and very educational. Highly recommend it

– Ana L Guerra Hernandez

This school was recommended by several friends who have their kids here and the school DOES NOT DISAPPOINT! From the loving staff who all know my child’s name and make us feel loved, to the curriculum even at the preK level is just amazing! WE LOVE YOU GUYS!

– Hilary Rodriguez

I love love love this child care for my children. Especially for my 1 year olds toddler !!! Her favorite teacher is Mis.Anna amazing staff by far. Always kind to my children and very caring.

– Carmen Navarro


Both of my kids go to this school, and they love it! As a mother I can truly say the kids here are treated like family. If you’re looking for a small school that feels like home and a school that cares for your kids this is the school for you.

– Steven Bravo

My daughters and I love this place, both have gone to Kidworks for 2 years and enjoy going every day. The staff is always helpful and welcoming. They treat the kids with respect and teach them well. My daughter is now reading; which I love!! Highly recommended!

 – Andres G

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