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Kidworks USA Takes Pride In Building America's Future Leaders.​

We are passionate in our commitment in providing a safe, rich, stimulating, learning opportunity that will encourage your children to develop a life long love for learning.

Our focus is to provide an age appropriate environment and a developmentally appropriate curriculum conducive to active learning. Our highly trained and motivated teachers and support staff allow children to explore and grow at their own pace.

Take A Trip Inside Kidworks USA:

A State of The Art Facility Designed For Your Child.

The kids absolutely love this place.
Our Facility includes a wide array of features designed meticulously with your child in mind such as:
  • Excellently designed and maintained classrooms
  • Libraries
  • Indoor gym
  • High-end kitchen
  • STEM & Hydroponic lab
  • Playgrounds
  • Even a Pirate Ship!

Excellent Safety & Security We Take Every Precaution.

Nothing is more important to us than the peace of mind of our parents who know the extreme lengths we go through to ensure the safety of their children.
  • Every aspect in the creation of our facility is focused on providing protection and security for our children.
  • With our fingerprint system, only authorized individuals can enter the facility.
  • We provide closed circuit digital surveillance cameras and detail for health and safety in the design and construction.
  • The constant review of security measures, to the attention of the daily attendance of the children, nothing is overlooked in the emphasis that we place on our children’s lives.

A Special Message From Mr. Bill - Founder of Kidworks USA

21 years ago I opened Kidworks USA as a way to ensure that my new grand daughters, Emily and Siera, were given the best early childhood education, and the vision to succeed in life!!! Since then I’ve seen the results, not only in their educational success but in the thousands of children whose lives have been enriched and positively impacted by our school’s commitment to building America’s future leaders.

Our approach to educational excellence is rooted in critical thinking approaches to learning. Although reading, writing, and arithmetic are the basis for all educational excellence, it’s critical thinking skills that propel us to seek and find the answers and solutions to life’s questions, it is the fuel that drives us to reach success. When we give our children critical thinking skills they will find the solutions to life’s ever-changing challenges. This builds leaders.

Our educational family works as a team under the basic theory that children who are educated with love, do better in school and in life.

Our students are taught that if it's to be, it's up to me, and to refuse defeat!!

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